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International Journal for Research in Management & Pharmacy (IJRMP)

Year of Start: January 2013
Frequency: Monthly Journal
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Subject: Management and Pharmacy
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International Journal for Research in Management and Pharmacy (IJRMP) is an ISSN International online as well as print Journal. It is also double blind peer reviewed, Indexed and Impact Factored Journal since December 2012. In this Journal Research articles, Research work and Research projects has been invited of various Educational fields for the publishing in this Journal at a Global level as well as print materials.
This Journals Invites only High quality as well as scientific Research work from various researchers in the field of Education. The selection criteria of the paper/article after completed and passed under the peer reviewed process.
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May 2017 – Volume 6, Issue 5

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1 {tooltip}Social Relational Capital{end-texte}Abstract – The purpose of this study was to establish the relationship between relational capital and organization performance in automobile sector. To help in the study, the study objectives were formulated together with a conceptual framework that linked social capital and its components to organization performance. Organization performance was measured using attributes like profitability and future viability. A cross sectional, descriptive and analytical research design was adopted using a representative sample of 10 top automobile companies and 100 respondents from these organizations. Data was collected using a self-administered questionnaire to the automobile sector under study. The data was analyzed using SPSS (version 16.0), then manipulated using cross tabulations, Pearson’s correlation coefficient and the regression to determine the relationship between the independent variables impact on the dependent variables. Social capital improves, organization performance increases. The results further revealed that social capital is significantly related to organization performance. Therefore, managers should intensify initiatives to encourage greater understanding and acceptance on social capital elements, employ a viable social capital composition that includes building strong social relational ties with the community and competitors, and pay attention to customers and employees in order to identify their needs and provide optimal value for them. This is likely to increase organization performance.{end-tooltip} Neha Kashyap et al.    
2 {tooltip}Entrepreneurship and Environment in India{end-texte}Abstract – The purpose of the paper is to annotate the word Entrepreneurship along with the analysis of Entrepreneur and Enterprise. Entrepreneurship is the ability to seek out opportunities and turn them to profitable businesses. In this paper, the focus is on the entrepreneurial environment in India and the current scenario of the new pioneers and innovators in the market. Majorly the problems faced by them under the environmental issues and optimistic approach taken by the Government of India.{end-tooltip} Narita Ahuja    
3 {tooltip}PMJDY- A Study of Its Role in Financial Inclusion and Inclusive Growth in India{end-texte}Abstract – Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana is one of the biggest social welfare scheme of NDA Government, launched by our Hon. Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi on 28th August, 2014 as a land mark initiative to ensure financial inclusion for the weaker section of the society for providing Banking Saving and Deposit Accounts, Remittance, Credit, Insurance, Pension in affordable manner. On 20th January, 2015, the scheme entered in to Guinness Book of world records. PMJDY is based on the motto- with at least one bank account for every household is the main objective of this scheme. This research article therefore, is an attempt to find out the role of PMJDY in financial inclusion and growth of India as well how effectively this scheme will be implemented in India.{end-tooltip} Alka Chaudhary    
4 {tooltip}Online Consumer Purchase Behavior & the Affecting Factors{end-texte}Abstract – Online shopping is a phenomena that is growing rapidly nowadays. A peep into the exponential growth of the main players in this industry indicates there is still a large reservoir of market potential for ecommerce. Customer behaviour study is based on consumer buying behaviour, with the customer playing the three distinct roles of user, payer and buyer. Research has shown that consumer behaviour is difficult to predict, even for experts in the field. “Customers” play a very critical role as these are the people who finally BUY the goods & services of the organisation, and the firm is always on the move to make them buy so as to earn revenue. It’s crucial from both the points of view as given below. From the customers’ point of view: Customers today are in a tough spot. Today, in the highly developed & technologically advanced society, the customers have a great deal of choices & options (and often very close & competing) to decide on.

How can they possibly decide where to spend their time and money? It’s very important question for a trader. When consumer fully delights, then he decides to spend to their money. Therefore it’s very important to know the Factors Affecting online purchase Consumer Behavior. Let’s see it.{end-tooltip}

Lavisha Verma    
5 {tooltip}The future of the Retail Banking Industry{end-texte}Abstract – Technological forces are reshaping the banking industry. Customer expectations, technological capabilities, regulatory requirements, Demographic and economic environment are creating an imperative to change. Banks need to get ahead of these challenges and reshape if they are to find success in the upcoming decade.

Top five consumers wants in banking

  1. Reward me for my business 81%
  2. See me as a person-58%
  3. Provide me with wealth building advice-55%
  4. Give me anytime ,anyplace access to my balance-61%
  5. Tell me what I am Spending money on and how I can save-52%

A study by Temenos and Economist Intelligence Unit found 64% of financial services personnel think retail banking will be fully automated by 2020, cutting out the need for branches. More than 60% of bankers also think peer-to-peer lending will be offered on banking platforms in the future, and 57% believe more money will be moved through finance technology (fintech) firms than traditional banks.{end-tooltip}

Rupinder Kaur    
6 {tooltip}Technical Education and its Contribution for Nation{end-texte}Abstract – Technical education is instrumental in making remarkable contribution to nation development through creating skilled manpower, enhancing productivity, and improving quality of life. The main objective of technical education is to prepare individual for employment and business through skill and knowledge acquisition. In present scenario of science and technology, production of skilled and knowledgeable manpower according to the needs of society and industry is the need of hour. The rapid industrialisation of any country is due to acquisition of technical education. It gives systematic way of practical exposure to individual for producing goods and services which is necessary for development of any nation. This paper examined the benefits of technical educations, and its role in harnessing resources in nation’s development.{end-tooltip} Sitanshkumar D. Golwala    
7 {tooltip}Present scenario and Trends of Commerce and E-Commerce{end-texte}Abstract – For fast or quick business worldwide the terms e-commerce is a best way instead of commerce. Ecommerce has a great deal of advantages over “brick and mortar” stores and mail order catalogs. Consumers can easily search through a large database of products and services. They can see actual prices, build an order over several days and email it as a “wish list” hoping that someone will pay for their selected goods. Customers can compare prices with a click of the mouse and buy the selected product at best prices. Here the author conveys the nature of commerce vs. e-commerce.{end-tooltip} Rohit Yadav    
8 {tooltip}Effect of Human Resource Management Practices on Job Satisfaction: A Study of Pharmaceutical Industry{end-texte}Abstract – Human resource is known as an important part and parcel of an organisation. In today’s world of wide spread industrialisation and increasing demand on the organisation to enhance the competitive position of workforce is a pervasive concern for employers and the employees too. Human Resource Management (HRM). function seeks to encapsulate and evaluate those factors exigently which is prevalent in the internal environment of organisation affecting the degree of level of satisfaction and their commitment towards job. The present research paper has studied the various such human resource management practices being followed in the selected 10 small and medium sized pharmaceutical industries of Baddi industrial area, HP and their impact on the level of job satisfaction among 250 employees working at various levels. Among the HRM practices the job definition and team work have been rated high, implying these practices have high impact on job satisfaction of workers. It shows that the employees have clear job description and contains all the duties performed by them, also the employees teams are encouraged to form team members so as to solve their individual problem and firms makes an effort to get workers opinions and ideas. Compensation, employee participation and performance appraisal are the factors having low impact on the level of job satisfaction perceived by employees.{end-tooltip} Sunita Sharma    
9 {tooltip}A Study of Costs and Risks of Holding Foreign Exchange Reserves{end-texte}Abstract – There have been a lot of research in the field of foreign exchange reserves and many studies have suggested that a developing country should hold adequate level of reserves. This level of adequacy leads us to the question whether countries, mainly developing economies are able to employ the adequate measures of holding foreign exchange reserves. In this paper, we basically focus on the risks and costs of holding foreign exchange reserves which are in excess of adequate or optimum level of foreign exchange reserves. By minimising these risks and costs, a country should be able to hold only that level of reserves, which is adequate or what we call is optimum.{end-tooltip} Aman Verma    
10 {tooltip}Biodiversity: A General Aspect{end-texte}Abstract – Biodiversity is defined by the convention on Biological diversity as the variability among living organism from all sources including terrestrial, marine and other equatic ecosystem and the ecological complexes of which they are part, this include diversity within species, between species and of ecosestem it includes genetic variability also.{end-tooltip} Mr. Ram Saran    
11 {tooltip}The Rotterdam Model: Differential Approach to Demand Analysis & Tests of Weak Separability{end-texte}Abstract -Parametric tests of weak separability are conducted among four partitions of six food products & clothing, using NSS cross sectional data and the absolute price version of the Rotterdam model. The tests indicate that consumer preferences are separable for pulses, cereals and dairy products to a good extent. Except a few cases, the hypothesis of weak separability is not rejected. Our study will allow a better understanding of how consumers make decisions regarding purchase & taste patterns of the concerned eatables and the implications of two state budgeting henceforth. {end-tooltip} Mahesh Khicher

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